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GymTots (1 – 3.5 years old)
Kindergym (3 – 6 yrs old)
Recreational (Above 5 yrs old)
Trampoline (5 yrs old & up)
Adance Recreation
Pre-Intermediate to Advance
Teen – Adult Classes
Competitve Squad

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At Flykidz, we offer gymnastics programs to children of all age groups from 1 year old!  We strongly believe in “never give up” as the  sport of gymnastics is challenging.  While many people can walk outside and shoot a basketball or pass a soccer ball, few can execute a proper cartwheel.  Gymnastics takes time to develop skills.  It takes even more time to perfect them.  Gymnasts are taught to try and try again.  “You have to get it wrong to get it right” is a common gymnastics saying.

Mistakes are a welcome part of the sport as rarely is an athlete able to execute a skill correctly on the first try.  Also relevant, gymnasts learn to repeat drills, conditioning, and skills in an effort to improve them each time.  Therefore, gymnasts learn that dedication to sport, perseverance through adversity, and hard work eventually pay off.  Here are more benefits of Gymnastics:

  • Co-ordination and body awareness
  • Balance & Core strength
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills
  • Develop social skills, self discipline, determination & many more