What they are saying about us

Harry loves Flykidz because the teachers are fun, kind, and are excellent instructors! Harry’s confidence in trampolining has improved so much since joining Flykidz. It has a nice atmosphere and great facilities.
Lauren (British), Child: Harry (6)
Flykidz is fun and the teachers are great. It’s interactive. It’s high energy. It makes us laugh. We always come home happy and sleep well that night! Thanks Flykidz.
Soo (Korea), Child: Jamie(4)
Barnaby is very active and Flykidz is the perfect activity for him to burn energy. It also teaches him discipline, skill, coordination and flexibility while having fun. Oliana just loves Flykidz so much and counts down the minutes until she can go to class. There is nothing more fun for Oliana than trampolining, sliding, running, rolling and swinging on all your equipment. She just loves it!
Mel (Australia), Children: Barnaby (5), Oliana (3)
Laura likes Gymnastics because it makes her body more flexible and improves her balance. She also likes play gym games too. Khalisa likes Flykidz because she loves playing the different games and jumping too. It helps her flexibility and is so much fun. As a mother, I like to see my girls doing gym because it makes them so flexible in their movements and their bodies strong and healthy.
Dian(USA), Children: Laura (7), Khalisa (6)
Flykidz programme is well organized and teachers are so friendly. Also the timetable is flexible. We are happy with flykidz :-)
Cecile(Belgium), Child: FeiLynn (6)
The fun and playful manner in which kids learn is effortless and is perfect for Ira. She loves coming to Flykidz. This is also the reason why I chose Flykidz. The staff engages with the kids and that has them coming back. I’m a happy Mom!!
Preeti(India), Child: Ira (3)
Flykidz Gymnastics’ classes are structured but fun. Emphasis is still on correct technique. Great equipment although very much smaller than what we were used to. Would be good to have the opportunity for competition to give the kids something to work towards.
Leanne (Australia), Children: Dominic (14), Chloe (12), Adam (7)
Flykidz Gymnastics staff is friendly and experienced. The set up is nice and the routine is good, my daughter also really enjoys the class.
Debbie (England), Child: Ella (6)
Flykidz Gymnastics has the best, child-friendly approach to teaching kids sports, healthy competition and social skills. The teachers are professional and understanding. They provide a great, fun and well organized environment for the kids. Now my son has become more confident and is socially open since we joined Flykidz Gymnastics. Now he sleeps well and eats better and has better concentration in school.
Daria (Russia), Child: Sergio (7)
I like Flykidz Gymnastics because it has friendly staff, full equipment and clean environment.
Chris Tay (Malaysia), Child: Leslie (4)
I love Flykidz Gymnastics because the teachers are loving. Lian Xin loves all her teacher so so much, and also she learns a lot from them. Good job!
Emanda (Malaysia), Child: Lian Xin (7)
Flykidz gymnastics is great because my kids can come to a stimulating, fun, and safe environment. During circle time, if my son can’t sit still it’s fine… It is about fun. The teachers are very kind and pay attention to all the kids. I would suggest Flykidz to all of my friends
Stephanie (USA), Children: Maiya (5), Leaf (2)
My kids think Flykidz is a lot of fun. I think the teachers are friendly and have a good attitude (including the office staff). They are also helpful in allowing replacement classes. But I wish the waiting and shoe area were bigger and more comfortable!
Sue Chan (Hong Kong), Children: Jet (6), Finn (4)
I love Flykidz gymnastics because the teachers are so nice and the kids love it because it’s fun! Thank you so much we’ll be back again!
Andrea (Mexico), Children: Jimena (8), Paola (6), Alvaro (3)
My kids have so much fun at Flykidz Gymnastics! Every week they are excited to go to Flykidz! They haven’t gotten tired of it after nearly 2 years. At Flykidz they have learnt skills and gained strength and made some great friends. We will miss the teachers too! Always friendly and accommodating!
Gina (Australia), Children: Annabel (5), Lucas (3), Chloe (2)
Flykidz Gymnastics was very important for my daughter’s development. She learned how to be more concerted, how to take care of her body and she made a lot of good friends. She loves her teachers. As her mother, I have an opportunity to meet people from different countries and make good friends as well. I appreciate the Flykidz’s management. Always open minded for everything. So I never had any problems. I recommend Flykidz to everyone, independent of age.
Luciana (Brazil), Child: Isabela (7)
To the wonderful team at Flykidz, thank you so much to my enthusiastic gym teachers. You are always so friendly and make class so much fun. I really look forward to my gymnastics class every week (asking mum everyday if I can go to Flykidz today!). You really helped my confidence and gym skills level, so thanks heaps!
Rebecca (New Zealand), Child: Tayla (3)
Thank you so much for all you have done for Matthew and Lauren over the past 3 years. They have both thoroughly enjoyed their gymnastics classes and it has been great watching their skills, strength and confidence improve with each term. You seem to strike the right balance between learning and discipline and fun, and have created an environment that is safe and welcoming. Best wishes to all of you and thanks again for everything.
Vicki (Canada), Children: Matthew (11), Lauren (9)