Gymnastics Classes

Gymtots (1 – 3.5 year old)

Kindergym (3 - 5.5 year old)

This parent accompanied gymnastics class encourages developmental movement experience focusing on basic motor skills, perceptual development and cognitive skills.

Kindergym (3 – 5.5 year old)

Kindergym (3 - 5.5 year old)

A fun-filled class where preschoolers are taught basic gymnastics without parents, while interacting with other children and a coach.

Recreation (5 year old & above)

Gymnastics For Children

A class that teaches basic to advanced gymnastics skills while equipping students with self-confidence and independence.

Trampoline (5 yrs old & up)

Kindergym (3 - 5.5 year old)

Are your kids bouncing off the walls at home? Burn off all that energy with a trampolining lesson!

Advance Recreational (By invitation)

Gymnastics For Children

Having master the basics in Recreation, gymnasts are ready for a more technical class which involves more strength building, flexibility focused & advance skills

Pre-Intermediate (By invitation)

Gymnastics for children

A higher level of skill is required for these exciting and more challenging program, technique, strength and flexibility

Teen & Adult Gym

Gymnastics for children

Whether you’re a gym-rookie or an ex-gymnast, this class allows you to
learn at your own pace in a safe and challenging small-group environment

Competitive Classes

Girls Squad

Gymnastics for Children

Our competitive program emphasizes hard work, self discipline
and resilience through a positive coaching environment.

Boys Squad

gymnastics for children

Boys will be competing with compulsory routines which helps to
provide the skills and strength to progress to more difficult routines.

About Us

At Flykidz Gymnastics, we pride ourselves in our fun, creative and innovative approach to gymnastics instruction.
We believe the focus should be on developing the child’s emotional, mental and physical attributes, through the learning of gymnastics skills. Gymnastics is thus a tool for children to acquire learning skills, experience success and gain confidence & self-esteem.
In our clean and safe environment with a full range of gymnastics equipment, we offer gymnastics classes for all age groups and levels. Our goal is to teach gymnastics that enhances the physical health of individuals and also all areas of sports and life.


Our Founder

The founders of Flykidz Gymnastics have over 10 years experience coaching pre-school, recreational, pre-competitive and competitive gymnastics, as well as being former gymnasts themselves. They are certified by both the British Gymnastics Association and Gymnastics Australia.

They possess a real passion for this sport and believe in the immense benefits it brings to all children.